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Why Mascot Store?
Why Mascot Store?
Wilderness: Top 5 Jungle Mascot Costumes

Wilderness: Top 5 Jungle Mascot Costumes

The jungle is full of wilderness–a usual place for hunters. We can bring these intimidating creatures looking cute and warm to lighten up your parties! These are the Top 5 Jungle Mascot Costumes that you should try to bring the jungle closer.


  1. Hippo Mascot Costume

            We are sure that some of us loved hippopotamus. If you ever want to have a mascot costume that screams joy and cuteness, then this Hippo Mascot Costume is a must try! This mascot is covered with silky gray fur with a contagious smiling expression made for anyone. It has green eyes, defined eyebrows, and an open mouth that totally shows its teeth.


  1. Asian Elephant Mascot Costume

            If you ever find yourself in love with the cuteness of elephants, then you need to try this Asian Elephant Mascot Costume! It has the unique part of highlights in the ears and nose while the pink color emphasizes friendliness. It also has a pair of wide eyes, a defined eyebrow, and yes, a smile that we all adore.


  1. Black Panther Mascot Costume

            If you ever need a mascot costume that would bring a strong, fierce, and brave aura around, then you need to try this Black Panther Mascot Costume for your parties. From the name itself, this mascot is covered with black and shiny fur to totally capture a black panther in real life. Since they are one of the scariest and wildest animals out there, this mascot is showing the same facial features as a black panther. This is definitely perfect in any sports or team-building event in order to help everyone to stay competitive in the game and show dominance over other groups.


  1. Friendly Jaguar Mascot

            This Friendly Jaguar Mascot is perfect for any event. From its word ‘friendly’, this is obviously perfect for kids, may it be a birthday party, children’s party, or even Halloween! This mascot costume is totally showing you a huggable, friendly, and cute Jaguar that you would want to be in your company. Of course, this Friendly Jaguar Mascot Costume remain its unique pattern to be recognizable but unlike the popular belief that Jaguars are scary, this mascot costume has an expression of complete different to the usual.


  1. Wolverine Mascot


            Last but definitely not the least is this Wolverine Mascot Costume. This Wolverine is covered with a combination of dark and light brown fur. Unlike the others, it has a pair of small light brown eyes and a truly wide smile that shows optimism to keep fighting. This Wolverine Mascot Costume is perfect for competitions, sports events, team building, or any upcoming parties you have!


OOPS… Before you go

These Jungle Themed Mascot Costumes are just one of the many ways to keep your event as wild as these Jungle creatures. Any of these mascot costumes will never go wrong to represent events and parties whether for the kids or adults, it will definitely bring the fun to the next level.

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