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Why Mascot Store?
Why Mascot Store?
The Marine Life: Top 5 Ocean Themed Mascot Costumes

The Marine Life: Top 5 Ocean Themed Mascot Costumes

You can bring marine life to the land by presenting these cute creatures to welcome your guests and live the spirit of the parties. These mascots are best for any aquatic-related events, competition, business, or an extraordinary birthday party for your kids.

We listed the Top 5 Ocean Themed Mascot Costumes for you.


  1. Sharky Shark Mascot Costume

          Imagine playing the song “Baby Shark” with an actual dancing shark in front of your kid’s birthday party, it will definitely be the most memorable. This Sharky Shark Mascot Costume can undeniably capture the heart of many, the natural fierce looking is almost gone despite the visible sharp teeth. This gray-coated, blue-eyed shark mascot costume is a must-have to bring out the best in your ocean themed parties.


  1. Blue Whale Mascot Costume

           This Blue Whale Mascot Costume is pretty much in bright royal blue coated with white inner details. It has open yet smiling lips that present positivity, warmth, and friendliness. This is perfect for any ocean themed occasion, this blue whale can host and give the biggest hug in the crowd, especially in welcoming visitors due to its natural charisma.


  1. Pelican Pete Mascot Costume

          This little guy is well-known in the Animal Crossing game, in which he delivers mail. The yellow feet and beak with blue eyes cannot make this guy mistakenly identify as a chicken or duck due to the unique form of the lower beak and wings. This is also a famous symbol in different games, which makes the Pelican Pete Mascot Costume a perfect way to liven up the spirit of the competition by just merely showing up as one in any sport event.


  1. Lobster Mascot Costume

          Unlike Larry the Lobster a.k.a a gym rat, this purely red-coated lobster is a softie-looking creature. This Lobster Mascot Costume is best for the opening of your seafood restaurant to warmly welcome the customers. This mascot is useful in boosting your business and demanding attention that further increases the popularity of your restaurant. Best believe that you will receive new customers and requests to have a photo with this cute little lobster.


  1. Happy Dolphin Mascot Costume

           This gray-coated and blue-eyed dolphin is truly adorable with its visible small teeth. Dolphins are naturally born to be social, but the eyebrow in this mascot costume adds a detail that makes this look happier, friendly, and ready to be the star of your party. This will effortlessly grab attention because who doesn’t like dolphins? We all do! This Happy Dolphin Mascot Costume is irresistibly endearing and best around any person regardless of age.


OOPS… Before you go!

Intense excitement will be seen once these Ocean Theme Mascot Costumes show up at your parties, especially for the children. The seemingly hard to hug and touch creatures are closer with a warm smile. This list only shows the top must-haves for your coming events, but there are a lot more aquatic mammals from the store that are best fit for your needs!

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