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Why Mascot Store?
Why Mascot Store?
The Essentials: Top 5 Mascot Accessories

The Essentials: Top 5 Mascot Accessories

The Essentials: Top 5 Mascot Accessories

We understand that bringing happiness to the table comes with sacrifices, but we can provide you comfort as you make every event extra special! These are the must-haves as you went underneath those crazy mascot costumes that uplift the spirit of the parties.

Here are the Top 5 Mascot Accessories you must try!


  1. Deluxe Mascot Feet

            We know that there are days when our feet became heavy for the shoes we wear, and we have to say goodbye to the old pairs. No worries, we provide Deluxe Mascot Feet for you! It is covered in a neutral color with an extra comfortable material to wear. This is a perfect must-have as you purchase your mascots from our store so there are no heavy days that can stop you from going to the parties and making it as fun as ever!


  1. Mascot Cold Collar

             Hiding beneath those mascot costumes could be suffocating and hot, thereby this Mascot Cold Collar is a must-have to bring you comfort as you present to make all the events extra special. This is perfectly made to fit your neck and properly secured at a major pulse point to give you a cooling effect.


  1. Cool Refills

              This is another essential to ensure that the party will go on with your presence under an awesome mascot. This Cool Refills is the best way to refill your cold vest with those cooling effects that you will be needing as you sweat in entertaining visitors. It is covered in quality foil to prevent the ice from melting too fast and have a longer time to create fun at the events!


  1. Mascot Cold Vest

            This Mascot Cold Vest definitely gives you comfort as you hide beneath those fluffy big mascot costumes. It has the perfect storage for ice packs and properly fits without having those bulky feelings as you wear this cold vest. This is made with quality that guarantees the longevity of this Mascot Cold Vest that you can have at the most affordable price!


  1. Mascot Tote Back Carrier

             As you travel and get ready to be the star of the events, of course, you need to carry the mascot costume with you. We ensure that the mascot is properly stored in the bag to avoid damage by having this Mascot Tote Back Carrier available in our store for purchase to be with you wherever you plan to be the star. It has the perfect size to fit the mascot costumes, made with quality materials, and comfortable to wear despite the weight of the costume. This is the number must-have in our essential list as you buy your first mascot costume with you.


OOPS… Before you go!

There are a lot more essentials needed to make sure that you are unstoppable in promoting, creating fun, and uplifting the spirits of any upcoming events. These are just the Top 5 Mascot Accessories we have on our list that every person underneath those costumes has on their back to keep the show going on!

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