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Why Mascot Store?
Why Mascot Store?
Pussycat: Top 5 Domestic Cat Mascot Costumes

Pussycat: Top 5 Domestic Cat Mascot Costumes

Cats are naturally adorable despite their natural sophistication and self-reliance. They are undoubtedly smart and affectionate towards their owner which makes them irresistible once they walked in. Wearing these Domestic Cat Mascot Costumes will effortlessly capture the hearts of many and be the best companion for your upcoming events.

We listed the Top 5 Domestic Cat Mascot Costumes for you to try!


  1. Tuxedo Cat Mascot Costume

             The first on the list is this Tuxedo Cat Mascot Costume, it has the classic color of the black lining that almost looks like a suit and white spots on the inner ears, tummy, hands, and feet. The pinky nose and yellow eyes make this costume a realistic look to present at your event which is perfect if your target audience is teens to adults. This is best worn in any parade to welcome the attendees!

  1. Siamese Cat Mascot Costume

            Which cat is covered in brown fur and some black spots on the face, ears, hands, and feet? There is no other cat but the Siamese! If you were looking to bring a more playful side and unique appearance then you should definitely try this Siamese Cat Mascot Costume. It also has warm blue eyes that everyone adores, making this costume stands out no matter what crowd you were diving in.


  1. Calico Cat Mascot Costume

             Here comes the tri-colored coat cat, ready to rock the party! This Calico Cat Mascot Costume has a mischievous smile, pinky nose, yellow eyes, and perfect white spots. This is best worn in school events, parades, or business openings due to its remarkable unique trademark. However, you can also wear this one to simply surprise any cat-crazy person you know!


  1. Black Cat Mascot Costume

             Black cats bring bad lucks is such a myth! I mean, we are living in the 21st century where wearing a Black Cat Mascot Costume is the cool thing! Everyone will adore seeing this cat covered in black fur, especially how the smile was shown, with adorable pink inner ears, and yellow eyes. This Black Cat Mascot Costume also has a natural playful look which is perfectly designed to host parties and events to make it more memorable, engaging, and sophisticated than ever!


  1. Persian Cat Mascot Costume


             If you were looking for a different variation of color to pair your other cats, then you should try this naturally hairy Persian Cat Mascot Costume to show them who was defined as the classy one! This has pale pink inner eyes, white fur, pinky nose, and yellow eyes just like the previous one, but what makes this different from the rest is the royal aura it brings on the catwalk. This is perfect to brighten up the spirit of your upcoming parades and promotional events.


OOPS… Before you go!

There are more Domestic Cat Mascot Costumes available on our Mascot Store in different variations waiting for you to try to make the loudest meow and be the star on the catwalk!

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