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Why Mascot Store?
Why Mascot Store?
Make it memorable! Top 5 Best Selling Mascot Costumes

Make it memorable! Top 5 Best Selling Mascot Costumes

Looking for costumes for your upcoming events? Try this Best Selling Mascot Costumes to never go wrong! These are the best buy for a reason, perfect for any kind of event, timeless, and perfectly detailed to make your party memorable and magical.

There are the Top 5 Best Selling Mascot Costumes you should try!


  1. Toy Soldier Mascot Costume

          The remarkable trademark of a red uniform and tall black hat is perfectly captured in this Toy Soldier Mascot Costume. This friendly-looking army guy is seemingly a nutcracker and undeniably a famously known character in the street. It has an extra detail of red spots on both cheeks to make it fictional without losing the natural side of the well-dressed toy soldier which are the black belts, boots, and white gloves. Best worn in any parades, children’s parties, and promotional events.


  1. Gingerbread Man Mascot Costume

          This Gingerbread Man Mascot Costume is definitely the best selling for a reason! Showing up as a toasted brown man will never fail to host any Christmas event and make it magical for everyone because seriously, who doesn’t like gingerbread? Especially if it dances with red circle spots on both cheeks, sleepy brown eyes, and popping white color details all over the body… This is absolutely an irresistibly adorable costume you could ever have at your Christmas party!


  1. Elf Mascot Costume

          Another fictional character on our list, Elf movie was the best screenplay shown at family gatherings every holiday. You can make a more magical Christmas by pulling Elf into the real world by showing up underneath this Elf Mascot Costume which is perfectly made into an adorable and friendly-looking mythological character. It has a dark green suit, a red hat, and boots with tongue sticking out making it more playful.


  1. Koala Mascot Costume

          Koala are naturally endearing, it has almost circle ears, big black nose, and gray fur. This is usually referred to as a Koala Bear because this is seemingly the famous teddy bear, but this animal is actually not a bear. This Koala Mascot Costume captured the huggable appearance we all love, perfectly made for kids due to its popularity and tame face. Best worn at any birthday party, parade, or promotional event because of the friendly vibes it can give to everyone.


  1. Happy Panda Mascot Costume

         Last but not the least is this Happy Panda Mascot Costume which has the trademark colors of the well-known bear among all ages. This is best worn at any party, especially at promotional events due to its effortless way to gather attention and remarkable appearance, no one would want to miss this Happy Panda ready to create extra special and magical memories for everyone.


OOPS… Before you go!

These are just some of the Best Selling Costumes you can try for your upcoming events. All characters are captured in perfect detail to make your party alive and make any promotional events more memorable than ever before!

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