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Why Mascot Store?
Why Mascot Store?
Hide and Seek: Top 5 Mouse & Rat Mascot Costumes

Hide and Seek: Top 5 Mouse & Rat Mascot Costumes

If you were looking for something unexpected to try in your upcoming events, parades, or openings, this is a must-try! These naturally small creatures can light up the spirit of parties extra big to make it more memorable and fun for everyone.

We listed the Top 5 Mouse & Rat Mascot Costumes for you to try!


  1. Mouse Mascot Costume

            This Mouse Mascot Costume is best worn to welcome your visitors! It has a perfect gray coat, pink ears, eyebrows, blue eyes, and a smiling face. This mouse mascot also has the trademark of two large front teeth and hairy cheeks, which makes it easily distinguished as a rat. Everyone will truly enjoy the extra special events by simply having this naturally charismatic Mouse Mascot Costume especially if your target audience is children.


  1. White Mouse Mascot Costume

            Another variant of color is this White Mouse Mascot Costume, unlike the previous one, this mascot obviously has a white coat that perfectly compliment the blue eyes and pale pink ears. This doesn’t have the trademark of rats which is the two front teeth and hairy cheeks, but this definitely has the perfect smiling lips and black pointed nose to capture the hearts of many–the light colors of this rat give the friendly aura that everyone adores!


  1. Brown Mouse Mascot Costume

            If you were looking for something that almost looks like a bear, but definitely a mouse then you should try this Brown Mouse Mascot Costume. This has white inner ears tummy, and feet to make the brown coating pop! This mouse mascot is similar to the white variation, but the color makes it almost completely different from one another without leaving the touch of friendliness and warmth. This Brown Mouse Mascot Costume is best worn around kids to make the event more engaging!


  1. Cartoon Mouse Mascot Costume

            Are you looking for more playful costumes? This Cartoon Mouse Mascot Costume is up for the game! This mascot has a dark brown coating with a lighter tone in the inner parts such as on the ears, face, and tummy. The eyes, nose, ears, and front teeth are in a bigger size to make it more cartoony looking that everyone loves! Wearing this Cartoon Mouse Mascot Costume will effortlessly gain attention with its high-spirited personality that makes any events more memorable than ever! This is best worn in parades, school events, or business openings.


  1. Grey Mouse Mascot Costume

            The last on our list has the similar look to the first due to its colors, but unlike the previous one, this Grey Mouse Mascot Costume has a smaller and smiling face with no visible front teeth. This mascot doesn’t need the usual trademarks of rats to be identifiable, the rounded ears, and black pointed noise already suffice to have the distinguishable look for a mouse that could perfectly make any events extra fun!


OOPS… Before you go!

These are just the Top 5 Mouse & Rat Mascot Costumes that you can try! You may visit our Mascot Store to view other options depending on your upcoming events. Be ready to hide and seek then be a surprise that brings joy to everyone!

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