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Why Mascot Store?
Why Mascot Store?
Flying Free: Top 5 Bird Mascot Costumes

Flying Free: Top 5 Bird Mascot Costumes

Get ready to fly free with our best Bird Mascot Costumes for your upcoming events! The presence of these birds will dominate in any occasion, whether for competition, school, business, or promotional events.

We listed the Top 5 Bird Mascot Costumes for you to choose your best bet.


  1. Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Costume

          This fluffy brown-covered Turkey with a smiling face is the best man to represent your team, business, or school! The tail feathers, red eyelids, and cuddly nature of this costume surely win the hearts of many. This Thanksgiving Turkey Mascot Costume is best worn on Thanksgiving to live up the spirit of love with your families and communities.


  1. Chicken Mascot Costume

          This Chicken Mascot Costume can definitely give you the frontman of your business for the best promotional experience you can imagine. This white chicken with signature yellow feet and red collar is truly recognizable without any effort at all which is a huge plus for marketing. This costume is best worn in promotional or opening events for your business related to chickens.


  1. Bald Eagle Mascot Costume

          This bold and fierce-looking Eagle is ready to fight for your team. Eagle birds are well-known for their natural courage and strength that dominate their opponents. This Bald Eagle Mascot Costume is a yellow-eyed bird, has wings with white outlines, eager teeth, and an intimidating look that makes it a definite great bet in any competition events you may have!


  1. Grey Owl Mascot Costume

          Birds with big eyes are always associated with a nocturnal bird–an owl! This fluffy Grey Owl Mascot Costume has impeccable details–from the white lining in the wings and body, a yellow-colored outer eye with big black in the middle, to the structure of its small face that gives you an adorable owl to present on any occasion you may have. This Grey Owl Mascot Costume is best worn in events involving kids because of its natural warmth and huggable appearance. The color of this bird is perfectly balanced as a welcoming rather than intimidating bird to host your event.


  1. Cardinal Mascot Costume

Last but not the least, this red bird with black details, a crown-looking comb, and a jolly face will surely spark a vibrant spirit on any occasion. Unlike its naturally intimidating face, this Cardinal Mascot Costume has the perfect smile that elevates the experience of every person at the party and makes it as memorable as possible. This is best worn in festive theme events that celebrate nothing but happiness, culture, and tradition in a most joyful way. The bright color of this Cardinal will surely capture the attention and hearts of everyone.


OOPS… Before you go!

The listed Top 5 Bird Mascot Costumes are some of the few best that you may worm to promote and celebrate any events. Birds may fly free, but it also has the ability to take you to heights in many ways. These Bird Mascot Costumes will surely enable the spark of vibrant energy and memorable celebration.

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